About us

Albico is proud to present its special series of kitchen wall panels MDF boards “Albico” adapted for sale in retail chains.

High-gloss and matte boards Albico are presented at the construction-finishing market since 2013. They are selling well in America, Eastern and Western Europe, Asia and Russia.

Backsplashes of MDF by Albico are a new material designed to protect kitchen walls from splashes of fat, dirt, water and steam. They have excellent properties of application for consumers: they are reliable, durable, environmental friendly, are not affected by UV rays, by temperature and humidity and are an excellent alternative to the kitchen panels of glass, plastic and ceramics.

The production technology of the decorative high-gloss panels Albico is based on the application of 11 eco-composite coating layers on a MDF board. Swiss Chemical Company Treffert has exclusively developed these special layers.

The industrial line used to make the high gloss panels Albico, was created in collaboration with Spanish, Italian, German and Swiss companies who are leading experts in the fields of digital printing, wood-working, automation of production and chemical industry. The Albico line allows production up to 5,000 panels per day in matt and high gloss finishes.